New Tucson Streetcars

Tucson's Sunlink

Tucson’s Sunlink

The Sunlink Streetcars are Tucson’s Downtown/UofA new transportation solution.  This area has 1500 new housing units, and 50 new restaurants, bars, and cafes.  100000 people live within a 1/2 mile of the Sunlinks Route.   In addition to the Sunlink, Tucson’s Regional Plan is to also include additional bike lanes, sidewalks, and paths  in this congested area.  Visit the Sunlinks Website for route info, prices, and hours of operation.

2-4 The Price of 1 Photographers

241 logoThe 3 Main reasons 2 photographers are essential for weddings

1.  We can be at 2 different places at the same time.  Wedding Days can be your most stressful day ever.  With  2 Photographers who are corralling, staging, posing, and photographing different groups at the same time, speeds up portrait times, so Guests and the Bride and Groom can enjoy more of their Special Day.  Speeding up Portrait times is essential, because the Bridal Party and Families hate standing around waiting to get their picture taken when they can be enjoying Cocktail Hour or the Reception.  During the reception 1 photographer can cover the dance Floor while the other Photographer can be in the lobby taking Formal Portraits, or visiting tables.

2.  2 Photographers, 2 Styles, 2 Vantage points.  There will be 2 different unique styles with 2 Photographers, because everyone sees things differently, so customers will receive a variety of eclectic images.  2 Photographers allows 2 different vantage points, different angles, different lenses, which produces different viewpoints of the same scene.

3.  2 Photographers= Double the coverage.   More Images of your Special Day !


-John Rosenblum

Our Work Horse

Canon-70-200-2-8L II

Canon-70-200-2-8L II

As you Know Rosenblums Eclectic Photography only provides all customers with 2nd-2 None Imagery.  Our #1 tool is the Canon 70-200 2.8L Telephoto Lens.  This Lens is our first choice when we attend any wedding or family portrait session.  Wide Angle lenses, (which are great for landscape or environmental shots), have a tendency to distort bodies in portraits.  We also strive not to be a bother during wedding ceremonies, so with this lens we can camp out in the rear of the Venue and not be seen.  This Lens is 2nd-2-None with Image resolution, clarity, accurate focus, speed, performance, and optical quality.


“This lens has superior sharpness I couldn’t get anywhere else and during high speed motion, it was second to none.”

“This lens is very sharp ! and Id say the best lens Ive ever owned.”

“This is the best lens I have ever used in 20+ years as a Canon user. I use this lens more than any lens in my collection!”

Saint Augustine Cathedral

St Augustine Cathedral

St Augustine Cathedral

Saint Augustine Cathedral, in the heart of Downtown Tucson, is the Roman Catholic Mother Church in the Old Pueblo.  In 1860s Father Joseph Machebeuf conducted a survey of the Tucson area, and decided that this area with a population of 600, needs a Church.  Originally built in 1868, rebuilt in 1897, then transformed to a brick structure in 1928, and finally completed in a Mexican baroque form, in 1928.  This Cathedral has Pope Pius XI Coat of Arms, a large 13th century Crucifix, a pipe organ, and beautiful stain glass windows.  St. Augustine Cathedral will host your Spiritual and Sacramental Wedding with a 1250 seating capacity and a lot of banquet space with an outdoor placita.  Go to there Web Site for wedding guidelines.

Trip Advisor Reviews

“St Augustine Cathedral is a beautiful, old landmark Catholic Church in downtown Tucson. The main cathedral has three Alters, gorgeous stained glass windows and wood bench seating. The entire vestibule of the church is painted with a life-size mural of different figures prominent in the Catholic Church.”

“Go see this incredible Cathedral. They have some of the most beautiful stain glass windows I have ever seen. Be sure on the inside to stop in the middle and look up. A surprise. Go check it out and while there say a prayer for a loved one. Very beautiful inside. A must see!”

Sepia Look St. Augustine Cathedral

Sepia Look St. Augustine Cathedral


Location: 192 S. Stone Ave, Tucson, AZ