Our Work Horse

Canon-70-200-2-8L II

Canon-70-200-2-8L II

As you Know Rosenblums Eclectic Photography only provides all customers with 2nd-2 None Imagery.  Our #1 tool is the Canon 70-200 2.8L Telephoto Lens.  This Lens is our first choice when we attend any wedding or family portrait session.  Wide Angle lenses, (which are great for landscape or environmental shots), have a tendency to distort bodies in portraits.  We also strive not to be a bother during wedding ceremonies, so with this lens we can camp out in the rear of the Venue and not be seen.  This Lens is 2nd-2-None with Image resolution, clarity, accurate focus, speed, performance, and optical quality.


“This lens has superior sharpness I couldn’t get anywhere else and during high speed motion, it was second to none.”

“This lens is very sharp ! and Id say the best lens Ive ever owned.”

“This is the best lens I have ever used in 20+ years as a Canon user. I use this lens more than any lens in my collection!”

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