Tucson Wedding Night Photography/Rosenblums Eclectic Photography

Tucson Wedding Night Photography

Tucson Wedding Night Photography

My Wife and I like to recommend to our beloved Wedding Clients a First Look Session prior to the actual Wedding Day.  The First Look Session is some what at Wedding dress rehearsal, that could help reduce stress on your busy Wedding Day, by getting the Bride and Groom Portraits complete rather then worrying about getting them handled on the actual Day, as long as this won’t conflict with any of your personal Wedding traditions or superstitions.  What we like to recommend as Tucson Wedding Photographers is a Downtown Night Photography Session.  Instead of a more traditional day time session with light blues and dark greens, you can choose to get an unorthodox look by waiting till the sun goes down, so that the world can get transformed into a beautiful canvas featuring different color temperatures, bright city lights, interesting water reflections, attractive light trails, and moonlit skies.

John Rosenblum

Tucson Wedding Night Photography

Tucson Wedding Night Photography

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