Kiki & Jake Price Wedding 3-12-2016

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Tucson Wedding Photography/Rosenblums Eclectic Photography


Rosenblums’ Eclectic Photography spent a glorious Wedding Weekend in March  with Kiki and Jake Price. The Wedding was at the famous Marana Pumpkin Patch. On March 11th, we attended the rehearsal, so we could be better prepared for the following day. We love rehearsals because Families and Friends who haven’t seen each others for a long time, come together for the first time to embrace, which we love to capture with our cameras. On March 12th, my Wife joined the Ladies at the Trouvaille Salon & Spa for their royal treatments while I hung out with the fellas at Jake’s house, where they prepared and enjoyed libations to help calm their nerves. Then the Ladies left the Salon and went to the Venue where they got dressed and finalized all their preparations for the Ceremony which started at 5pm. The Ceremony really captured the country family ambiance with a barn backdrop, mason jars, and hay stacks to provide a welcoming down home nostalgic feeling for the invited On lookers. Following the Ceremony Family, Friends, and Guests rejoiced with joyful tears, great food, memorable speeches, and a lot of dancing.

Thank you Kiki and Jake for allowing us to be part of your very Special Day.


John Rosenblum



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