Tucson Family Photography Session/Rosenblums Eclectic Photography


The Quinn Family

Something happened to My Wife and I as we edited these images of this beautiful Family.    That October Day and Evening we spent, (as we chased Saguaros and Tucson Urban Landscapes), we were welcomed and embraced by this Family, so it was nothing like work and more like a night out on the town  with some old friends.  I admired this families eclectic, unique style which the camera loved to capture.  Two words came to mind when I had to described the Quinn Family:

  1. Remarkable (re·mark·a·ble)= worthy of attention; striking
  2.  Special (spe·cial)= better, greater, or otherwise different from what is usual.

rosenblums-eclectic-photography-tucson-family-portraits-tucson-wedding-photography-3-of-11 rosenblums-eclectic-photography-tucson-family-portraits-tucson-wedding-photography-5-of-11 rosenblums-eclectic-photography-tucson-family-portraits-tucson-wedding-photography-9-of-11 rosenblums-eclectic-photography-tucson-family-portraits-tucson-wedding-photography-8-of-11 rosenblums-eclectic-photography-tucson-family-portraits-tucson-wedding-photography-1-of-1

As I edited, the images reminded me of what matters and how time moves too quickly, and to always treasure the moments we have today.

-John Rosenblum

rosenblums-eclectic-photography-tucson-family-portraits-tucson-wedding-photography-2-of-11 rosenblums-eclectic-photography-tucson-family-portraits-tucson-wedding-photography-1-of-11 rosenblums-eclectic-photography-tucson-family-portraits-tucson-wedding-photography-10-of-11 rosenblums-eclectic-photography-tucson-family-portraits-tucson-wedding-photography-6-of-11 rosenblums-eclectic-photography-tucson-family-portraits-tucson-wedding-photography-4-of-11



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