Rosenblums Eclectic Photography/Victoria & Mario Tucson Wedding


Tucson Wedding Photography Rosenblums Eclectic Photography

My Wife and I Spent Saturday, at the Reflections at the Buttes, on assignment to photograph the glorious Victoria & Mario Wedding Celebration.  The cold January evening did not prevent friends and family to rejoice on this very Special Day.  This assignment felt nothing like work as we  hallmarked, Wedding preparations, the ceremony, and the reception.  Thanks Victoria & Mario for allowing us to be part of your Wedding.

John & Lisa Rosenblum

rosenblums-eclectic-photography-tucson-photography-wedding-6-of-8 rosenblums-eclectic-photography-tucson-photography-wedding-8-of-8rosenblums-eclectic-photography-tucson-photography-wedding-5-of-8 rosenblums-eclectic-photography-tucson-photography-wedding-3-of-8rosenblums-eclectic-photography-tucson-photography-wedding-1-of-1-2 rosenblums-eclectic-photography-tucson-photography-wedding-21-of-1-3rosenblums-eclectic-photography-tucson-photography-wedding-21-of-2rosenblums-eclectic-photography-tucson-photography-wedding-1-of-1-6rosenblums-eclectic-photography-tucson-photography-wedding-1-of-1-16rosenblums-eclectic-photography-tucson-photography-wedding-1-of-1-15rosenblums-eclectic-photography-tucson-photography-wedding-1-of-1-7

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