Evergreen Flowers

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My Wife and I had a crucial Photo Shoot with a lovely model at a beautiful venue.  The day Prior we organized lenses, cameras, backgrounds, dresses, jewelry, makeup, and Etc.  We discovered that we forgot perhaps the most important wedding photography item, (the brides bouquet).  Stressed ensued until we remembered our dear friend Libby at our favorite Tucson Flower Store, Evergreen Flowers.  Libby custom made a magnificent arrangement despite our small time frame.  Libby has exceeded our expectations again.  Rosenblum’s Eclectic Photography chooses Evergreen because this family owned business has been serving Tucson since 1971.  Evergreen (professional F TD Florists), Has a Customer Satisfaction Guarantee on all FTD branded products.  We can’t wait to work with Evergreen again.


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Ever man

Contact info:  520 747-7886

Web:  www.evergreenflowers.com

Address:  6085 E 22nd St, Tucson, AZ 85711

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