Tucson Photography Poising Tips

DPP_6203 copy

Ive been told that, for some, going to a Photo Session compares to going to the Dentist.  I can speak from personal experience, that I hate being photographed because I feel that I’m not in the best shape that I can be in, and perhaps Ill never be satisfied.  A good Photographers job is to make each individual look there best with different posing technics.  The Trick is to look as natural as possible and not look posed.  My best advice is to practice in the mirror prior to the session.  Here are some tips that can really help:

-rather then standing straight at the lens turn to a slight 45 degree angle with a pointed toe and  elbows away from your body.

-stand up straight and don’t slouch.

-relax shoulders so they fall naturally

-lean slightly forward and tilt your head slightly back to remove double chins and this also will accentuates your eyes.

-relax your forehead to remove wrinkles and you won’t have a surprised look.

Rosenblums Eclectic Photography strives to make everyone look as attractive as possible at all our Photo Sessions, or on Your Special Day


John Rosenblum

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