Tucson Wedding Photography / Wedding Bouquet Preservation Tips

Tucson-Wedding-Phototgraphy-Bride-with-Bouquet copy

Recently My Husband and I had a Photo Shoot with a bride who carried a beautiful Rose Bouquet.  During the day the Roses already started to wilt which saddened  the Bride who of course wanted to cherish these roses as long as possible.  At this small endeavor the Bride did not have the traditional Bouquet toss.  I gave the bride a few tips that would definitely increase the Bouquets longevity or for any centerpiece, or arrangement that can be taken home.

1.  Cut Stems at a 45 degree angle and place under warm running water.

2.  If possible place Vase in a cool environment for about 3 hours.

3.  Add a flower food mix to the vase witch can be purchased at any flower store.

4.  Add fresh water daily and keep flowers out of direct sunlight or to close to any air vents.

There are also some house items that are recommended to preserve flowers and keep bacteria from growing like soda, apple cider, sugar, vodka, or even a copper coin.

Thanks Lisa Rosenblum

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