The Aguilar Baby Photo Session

Aguilar Family/ Rosenblum Eclectic Photography

Aguilar Family/ Rosenblum Eclectic Photography

Rosenblum Eclectic Photography had the pleasure of photographing our good friends The Aguilar Families new baby Andre.  Baby Andre arrived about a month and a half ago, and we were privileged to capture some of his first moments at home with his Mom, Dad and Sister.  Capturing this family at home together was a magical experience for us as we got to see the connection between Baby Andre and his Family.  It defiantly helps when we go to baby Andre’s  home (which is the families comfort zone), where Dad and Mom gave us his  favorite pillow which helped tremendously, instead of dragging  Andre to a studio.

Thanks Family,


Baby Andre/Rosenblums eclectic Photography

Baby Andre/Rosenblums eclectic Photography

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